Wednesday, 16 April 2014

On sale now

This little lady is now up over along with some other ToyCon UK goodies.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

UME Store Update

If you'd like to pick up some of the resins that we had with us at ToyConUK head on over to the UME store now.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It's official...

The BEARD will be coming with us to ToyConUK. This little resin chap stands around a chunky 3 inches tall sans top hat. One hundred percent beard and proud of it. Presneted in header carded bag at the reasonable price £33. And that's not all - something new from UME, a choice of hats!

Each BEARD sports a lovely tophat but YOU get to pick another cheeky head warmer either the rascally Pirate hat of the Horny little Viking one - it's up to you.

Shown here are Black BEARD and Brown Beard visit the booth to see some of the other colourways we will have and keep your eye open for the very special cold cast cooper and bronze versions.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Buford Mandrake

Introducing Buford Mandrake the scourge of the Charing-Cross hospital operating theatre (1839-1860). His experimental surgical procedures and research methods led him into a life of back street murderous violence and deceit. Shrouding his appearance from his nocturnal life of crime with various masks allowed him to conceal his true identity until his untimely death.

Cold cast in copper and aged with washes by JPK and UME toys this limited edition piece stands just less than 4 inches. Buford is articulated at the neck and is presented at launch with 2 of his infamous masks (Interchangeable).

Limited to ten pieces at ToyconUK he will be available at the JPK/UME booth for £35. Be quick or the doctor may just give you a bedside visit as you sleep.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Triple Loud Mouths

Looking for trouble? These 3 are and they will be heading to my booth at this years ToyconUK. They are jointed at the head with neo magnets so if they play up I can knock their wise cracking blocks off.

Say Hello to Pinky - Release 3 of the GeekWok

Say hello to Pinky - release 3 of the GeekWok. Launching at ToyconUK 12th April 2014. But worry not, if you are not able to attend the convention but would like to add her to your collection as I am splitting the release 50/50 - online/con.

But you'll have to be quick as this means that there will only be 10 available via each outlet. If you are looking to pick one up via the online store they will be 'live' at 9:00am GMT (London) Saturday 12th April 2014 - head on over to the online store.

And yes they are custom Zombie Geekwoks you can see behind her...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Heist Mask Painted

Trimmed the resin cast up and drilled out the eyes. Gave him a matte black paint job on the inside and painted the front up in a dirty bank job colourway.

Look out for this at my booth at this years TOYCONUK.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Eddy BBoy

Here's the finished custom Eddy - sporting a tasty blue adidas tracksuit and a custom one off BBox - he will be with me at ToyconUK.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Custom BBox

Painted and ready to rock at ToyconUK soon