Meet the only droid you'll be looking for, CHIP. An original UME character that stands a proud 3 inches small. His head is articulated to his body with a peg so he can be posed on your toy shelf. The original launch colorway is burnt yellow, featuring a rusted finish complete with burnt out air grill to the back of his head. Cast in resin and handmade by me this edition will be limited to only 20 pieces worldwide, signed and numbered and shipped in a custom header carded bag.

CHIP will blast off Friday October 16th at 9:00pm London time at £35 each plus shipping for more info head over here now.

With Halloween just around the corner Jeremy has got his pumpkin coloured robe on and a grab bag ready to stuff full with candy. He also comes with a handmade one of a kind custom pumpkin accessory. This 3 inch resin collectable will be signed and dated on the base, with just one up for grabs, retailing at £36 plus shipping.

If you'd like to add him to your collection head over to the UME store at 9:00pm tonight.

Im pleased to reveal the prototype that I’ve been working on for Tommy Human for an upcoming project - here’s the blurb from the man himself.

Tree huggers. The release of this epically cute toy is to highlight the upcoming release of a range of actually huggable 'tree huggers'. These will be great gifts for all that enjoy a hug and it's a great addition to the new range of positive products from Tommy human. Stay tuned for the release of tree huggers…
For more Human goodness head on over to

With a chill in the air and the nights and the nights drawing in, it can only mean one thing. Halloween is around the corner. To celebrate our favorite holiday of the year we've got a special release lined up in the form of this pumpkin headed cutey. He's ready to head out trick or treating in his pumpkin costume clutching his own swag bag and pumpkin accessory. Each hand made collectable will is signed and numbered on the base and ships in a custom header carded bag. If you fancy adding him to your collection head over to on Friday 18th September at 9:00pm London time.